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Auckland's Best Cheap Eats - Dinner Edition

As a uni student I know the struggle of trying to find a dinner destination which can satisfy those dinner time cravings and also stay within your tight budget. So thankfully I have done all the hard work (haha) for you and have managed to compile a list of my six favourite cheap and delicious eats in central Auckland. In terms of the definition of cheap I've tried to stick to places where you can get a filling dinner for under $20, however this is obviously dependent on how much you order!
Chinoiserie (Mt Albert) I'm not going to lie, I've been here probably about 10-15 times over the past 3 years and I still have absolutely no idea how to pronounce this groovy eatery's name, nevertheless it is one of my favourites and a must-visit when in Mt Albert. Chinoiserie is a bar and eatery which serves up Taiwanese street food and some of the best Pork Bao buns in Auckland! The menu isn't massive but it is packed with tasty sides and a variety of Bao buns which are sure to…

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